Happy 2023! Blog Launch & Free Indie Guitar Sample Pack

Happy 2023! Blog Launch & Free Indie Guitar Sample Pack

Wishing everyone out there the best for this new year. 

I'm starting to tackle my resolutions and that includes launching this blog. For this special occasion I will be leaving a link below for an Indie Guitar Sample Pack that will be sure to give you some great song starting ideas or sampling material.

Recorded with an American Strat and vintage Gibson tube amp, this sample pack contains 78 rhythm and lead guitar loops that can be used individually or layered. The loops span across 4 BPM's:

  • 86 BPM
  • 115 BPM
  • 128 BPM
  • 139 BPM

Some of the loops are processed but all come raw so you have the most control over shaping your sound. They were recorded using an SM57 and an AT2021 - both files are included so you can chose or blend between the two microphones.

Check out all the loop previews in the video below:

The samples are completely royalty free and can be used for any application!

Link to Indie Guitar Sample Pack

Besides sample packs I will be posting a ton of music and gear reviews as well as tutorials. This month I will be reviewing releases from rift09, Channel Select, GENDEMA and okbby. I also can't wait to do a proper review of a piece of gear I've recently fallen in love with, the Elektron Model Samples. 

Stay tuned for more and enjoy the sample pack!

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