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Companionable Solitude (Limited Edition Cassette)

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All music was recorded during March and May of this year. Field recordings were gathered from local hiking trails/nature preserves, long car rides in the rain and outside doctor offices during a difficult time for myself and a family member. The recording sessions were very therapeutic and became a reflection of what I was going through during a difficult time. The album features a few firsts for this project, such as guitars and very hopeful sounding pads/choral sections. This is one of my proudest works and I am thrilled to have it released with the collaboration of MQ.

Cover Photo: T. Fatinova
Cello: Micah Hughes
Additional Mastering: Move Quiet

1. Spicewood In Spring 06:58
2. Fae Folk Painter 07:37
3. Genius Loci 03:34
4. Decomposition Of My Surroundings 01:47
5. Storm 05:22
6. Cautiously Hopeful 02:18
7. Still Here 04:50
8. Fauna 02:13
9. Picatrix 03:42
10. Wet Soil 01:39

✦ 21m Per Side
✦ RTM911 Tape
✦ SEA GREEN Shell With Holographic Label
✦ Clear Front / White Back Case
✦ Gloss Double Sided J-CARD

Cover Art: T. Fatinova
Tulpa Twin Logo: Moonroot Logos