Space Chimney - Work Me Smoke You (Digital)

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Starting with the sounds of a late night street fight that was sampled from living on the notorious corner of Moss Park in Toronto - Work Me Smoke You is written about finding your way in an unfamiliar city. 

The unspoken pains, the hardships we endure, the loneliness we carry on our shoulders … “just for another smile”. 

Infused with retro style guitars, ethereal vocals, and wave fueled synths, Work Me Smoke You is a dreamy haze of melody and energetic rhythms. 

This is the latest single from the two piece Space Chimney (Justin and Ela Vitale) from Long Island, NY. Recorded in Brooklyn, NY at Safe and Sound Studios.



All for another smile.

The city we dream in, between all these miles…

Over and over again,
We got frantic
All for, another smile.
The city we dream in,
Between all these miles,
Became its own moon,
And rose tonight.

The city we dream in, became it’s own moon,
And rose tonight.



Work Me Smoke You
Written by Space Chimney (Justin Vitale & Elaheh Vitale)
Produced by Justin Vitale & Jay Goodman
Vocals - Elaheh Vitale, Justin Vitale
Guitars / Computer - Justin Vitale

Recorded at Safe & Sound Studios
Brooklyn, New York
Producer / Mixer: Jay Goodman, Justin Vitale
Additional Mixing: Dylan Gleit
Mixing Assistant: Alex Taub