Space Chimney - 78D (Digital)

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"Back from the Sahara, still in the void."

Space Chimney's demo 78D is split between two disparate settings - the deeply digital and exclusively acoustic. Both fused by Ela's Radiohead inspired and intricately layered vocals, this release further explores the duo's west vs east backgrounds in an intimate and scaled down arrangement.

Two contrasting worlds collide on the 2-track demo 78D from Space Chimney. A feedback loop opens and begins to swallow itself, churning and squelching its filters on a lofi iPhone recording of a speaker. The digital dies out and acoustic instruments fill a wide and lush space with perilous tension and release.

78D brings you anywhere but the present. It's ying and yang of chaos and calm disrupt expectations as Space Chimney delves into more experimental and improvisational territory.

Tape loop manipulation captured by iPhone, this musique concrete style improvisation features circuit bent sounds from a buddhist chant box. The feedback drives towards infinity while filters swell unrestrained for a dynamic journey through sound.

In a coma of daze and abstraction, 80F flickers eerie waves of improvised santoor and djembe. Alternating variations deliver through a drone like melody, its cautious intimacy builds a wall of sound from delay. The acoustic instruments undulate an emotional ride that equally comforts as it saddens.


Released 2023.

Includes digital download with artwork, high quality .MP3, and lossless .WAV format. Unlimited downloads.