Giza Dream - Valley Rule Volume 1 & 2 (Cassette)

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Double album from Giza Dream. Includes Valley Rule Volume 1 (side A) and Volume 2 (side B). 

Marbled purple shell with double sided j-card. Limited edition.

Digital album available on Bandcamp. 

Written by Giza Dream:

Mixed and Mastered by: Move Quiet Records

Released: 1/13/2023


Track Listing Side A (Volume 1):

  1. Tender Descent
  2.  Butterfly Like Me
  3. Traitor Triangle
  4. Sunrise Outro
  5. Salt, Suicide, Saturn
  6.  All Washed Up
  7. Electronic Godfather
  8. Backseat Annihilation
  9. 100 Shocks, Twenty Simple Canonballs
  10. You Again

Track Listing Side B: (Volume 2):

  1.  Hot Lords
  2. The Universe Feels Over
  3.  Ecstasy U-Turn
  4. Rainbow Staircase
  5. Them Remains
  6. Planes In Japan
  7. Symptom Countdown
  8. Aether Wetsuit
  9. Tired Alive

Includes digital download with artwork, high quality .MP3, and lossless .WAV format. Unlimited downloads.