Bad Buddha Sample Pack

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This sample pack was made from a modified Buddha machine that can control the playback and pitch of the internal sounds. 

When the pitch control goes too low, things start to get weird. 

The loops were recorded using this pitch control. #1 is the original speed, #2 is slower, #3 is even slower . . . and so on. 

All the chopped samples come from these loops. 

Sample Pack Contains:

  • 16 Chants @ 6 Speeds (96 .wavs)
  • Vocal Chops (295 .wavs)
  • Instrument Chops (93 .wavs)
  • Glitch Chops (52 .wavs)
  • 537 Files Total

Mono sound source recorded with a Roland SP404A. Exported as stereo 48k / 24 bit. 

Warning: Experimental sound source, may contain noise.