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Ever dreamed of what a 1986 consumer Casio keyboard might sound like in your music and songs? The MQ36 Sample Pack brings all the glory of the original MT36 to your computer or sampler of choice. 

Processed through a variety of tape and hardware samplers, this sample pack is an ode to the small battery powered keyboards that were ubiquitous to my childhood. Sometimes subtle, sometimes shrill, these devices usually were underwhelming sonically but possessed a kind of flair that would juxtapose in a special way with other instruments. 

Inside you will find unique and instantly nostalgic sounds that can fill an entire arrangement (drums, bass, and synths).

There are one hits, drum loops, and instrument loops that come both raw and processed. 

MQ36 comes in three editions FREE / LITE / FULL.  

Free Edition contains all the raw sampled sounds (55 files). 

Lite Edition contains a selection of processed 1 hits (45 files). 

Full Edition contains all sounds (one hits, rhythm loops, instrument loops both raw and processed. 1072 files). 

Sound demos available on YouTube:


Demo Loops:

Demo Songs:

#1 -

#2 -

#3 -

* If you wish to upgrade at any point from the LITE to FULL edition, you are entitled to a discounted price. Please message or contact for your discount code.