Temporary Creature

Colors The Present (Cassette)

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"Nostalgia takes a wrong turn and ends up in the spaces between spaces. Unable to move and self reflective, feeling the radiating feedback looping onto itself through simplistic approaches and complex sounds. Temporary Creature highlights warm and intrusive affections, along with their shadows, through drastic reappropriations of sound sources and limited arrangement. Emotive and flowing - Temporary Creature casts a wide net of genres into it's 10 track debut LP Colors the Present."

10 tracks recorded entirely on the OP-1 using only 4 tracks per song, this album bends from sounds from contemporary to experimental. 25 limited edition full body print cassettes with double sided J-card releasing with the album.


1. Eternity Adore 02:19
2. Punks (Unhappy) 00:41
3. '94 Uptown 01:54
4. Subterranean Christmas 01:08
5. Plays The Night 01:44
6. Neutral Telephone 02:12
7. Limb Trilogy 01:15
8. Kool Century 02:36
9. Dig In Me 01:16
10. An Obvious Halo 03:55

Artist: Temporary Creature
Album: Colors The Present
Released: 02/03/2023
Playtime: 19m
Written & Produced by: Temporary Creature
Mixed & Mastered by: Move Quiet Records